Japanese cuisine

There is something so right about coating tofu in cornstarch and frying it. I love agedashi tofu. I am pleasantly full of it, as well as some other tasty treats, including a monkfish roll, a yam tempura roll, and some yellowfin tuna. Now to settle in to some serious lounging. A blaxploitation joint, Black Caesar, complete with soul godfather soundtrack, and some fine ass imported beer. Cheers!

Je l'ai deja vu

I had a bit of a deja vu while on the phone with a friend this morning, so I thought I'd have a peek around the world wide web and see what was up with that. I like the explanation that says your cognition is lagging behind your perception, creating the feeling that you are experiencing and recalling the event at the same time. It's pretty neat, however you look at the phenomenon. The whole thing has, as the French said and we English speaking types have come to say, a certain je ne sais quoi.

Heineken, the second worst import

I guess Heineken is not really that bad. But lord, it is not that good. Damned vendor beer. The village was in fine fettle tonight, though. Nothing like wandering around on a Sunday night getting drunk in public. On the positive side of things, I managed to walk the village without being asked for change. On the negative side of things, I did not steal anything or scam anyone. So really what I am saying here is that life (bad simile to follow, skip ahead if sensitive) is like something that has both positive and negative aspects. Maybe a battery, or maybe more like a bleach shampoo. Your hair is clean, but your scalp hurts.

quirky cliche about this being my first blog!

These things have always appealed to me, but not really. So I just set one up, mostly because I wanted to post a comment on a different blog about how many times w. has been to prison. I don't think I'll bother with that anymore, but now I have a new toy to play with online. Which is, of course, just about exactly what my life is missing. Further distraction. Hoo-bloody-ha, says I.