An Unabashed Look at Hangmen, Headsmen, and Their Kind

All ye that in the condemned hold doth lie,
Prepare ye, for tomorrow you shall die.
Watch and pray, the hour is drawing near.
That you before the Almighty must appear;
Examine well yourselves, in time repent,
That you may not to eternal flames be sent;
And when St. Sepulchre's Bell in the morning tolls,
The Lord above have mercy on your souls.

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Project Gutenberg

I just started an enjoyable new hobby. It is redonculous how much I enjoy doing it, even though I am volunteering, something I have always considered to be a waste of time and effort. Those of you who are so inclined should join in the fun. Proofreading fun, so not all that fun unless you like that kind of thing. I do. So there. Just in case you feel like contributing towards an online database of books, hitch up your nerd pants and go here.