What a Little Less Gaming Can Do-ooo

This post is all about taking a quick break away from what I bashfully refer to as poetry. Today, we talk food. I've recently given up on a multiplayer online role playing game, so that's freed up some time for me to cook. When you read some time, think massive understatement.

The first real cooking I had done in a long time was to fire up some savoury pies the other day. The flavour I was looking for was the classic chicken pot pie, only good. It was pretty much like you would imagine, except that I added about two tablespoons of miso to the veggie mix, and substituted smoked tofu for chicken. Chicken is gross. The veggie mix was onions, garlic, carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, and peas. Though you could put anything in there really. It had been a while since I made pie crust but that worked out as planned, flaky and golden.

I have a couple pies in the works, a Mexican themed one which will excuse a huge portion of sour cream, and a Greek themed one containing mostly feta and olives. On top of the cooking I've redecorated my apartment, set up my television as a second monitor for my pc, and put new tires on my bike. Maybe massive understatement was a bit of an understatement.

Family Resemblance

I used to think
I had only two brothers
no sisters
bound together in darkness
the same mother
born of flesh
from the void
sightless frailty a commonality
remorseless beginning

I know better now.


lithium sleek I play in sleep
over unminded children blow
aid them in their grateful leap
bait the hook and know

a red blood meal lies ahead
only grown for the long wait
kept dark and human-fed
grief and pride will fill my plate

on a table built of appetite
I serve a starving pest
unaware it chews their light
all the wonder they confessed

I will catch them on my line
and spear them with hope's serrated tine

Say Goodnight

I'm one of those people who just up and leave. Especially when there's a huge fun party going on, I'd much rather everyone just continue to have a good time. If you notice me trying to ninja my way out the door, I'd appreciate it if you leave me to it. Maybe just wink, or wave if you have to. Not enough people wink.