I Should be a Teacher, You Know, One of the Ones who Hates Teaching but does it Anyway Dictator

It's easier to do it like this, I don't feel like I'm contacting you individually. I can hide behind layers of communication and obfuscatory media, and pretend this isn't directed squarely at you.

Our personal and societal obsessions with information and the methods we use to proliferate and procure it are interfering with any reasonably efficient or reliable experience.

Consider the effects of popularly held beliefs on our psyche.

Reply in a manner you find suitable. This is worth ninety percent of your final. The remaining ten percent will be a reflection of your attendance and awareness level.

I Wax Philosophic About Mastication

Today was a solid day all around. I had a couple of gin and tonics early on, which helps me loosen up with the customers and generally just be a little more bellicose than usual. I got some good soap at Lush, which is not just for girls, damn it. The type I bought has a centimetre-thick layer of sand on one side that helps me to remove skin, something I find necessary to feel clean (pdf, sorry).

Then I chatted for a bit with one of the original beat poets, a local who was buddies with Ginsberg et al. back when that sort of thing was cool. We talk about books and writing whenever he comes in, he's great.

Now it's time to order up some pizza. Mmm, pizza. I like eating.

In This Post I Compare Myself to a God

I just spent a few hours weeding half of my back garden and felt the need to brag self-righteously about it. I feel...like how a god would feel if they had just done something so incredibly good. My brain is sending out all kinds of happy chemicals, which are mixing pleasantly with some organic beer and some herbs.

So that's it. I just wanted to shout my goods out. That being done, I'm going to enjoy a few Traditionals, an ale produced by one of the finest Canadian breweries, Big Rock. And, of course, plan out my garden. I'm thinking a garden of sin, there's got to be a goodly amount of appropriate plants, and it would be nice to have a theme other than "You know, some tomatoes, garlic, a few varieties of basil, and some other veggies", which is pretty much what I've been planning so far.

What I did on my Holiday, by Alexander Marshall

So I've been back in Vancouver for a few days now, and damn, man. Why did I leave again? Seriously, this place is way better than whatever slum-hole you live in. I'm going to eat some smoked salmon, olives, sourdough, and raw milk cheese now. Okay I'm back. That was awesome. I've recently been turned on to raw milk cheese, and holy shamoly is that good stuff.

So what did I do for my holiday? I went skiing in Colorado, after getting a few precious hours slamming back some booze with friends in Winnipeg. I really wish my friends from back there would move away, so at least I could visit someplace interesting instead of horrible old smelly Winnipeg. Colorado was great, though. There was fresh light snow on the fourth day, and I skied in the trees after the runs got all chewed up. Fresh tracks all day (insert needle joke here), I haven't had that for some time.

In the interest of alleviating boredom of all kinds, I've added yet another feature to this Sisyphean weblog here. This post is viewable in Winnivision*, a method of altering your screen so that if you live in Winnipeg, the most important part of the post will appear in large, bold type. Be sure to read this bold information at least ten times in order that it sink in.

*Winnivision may still be effective if you have moved away from Winnipeg, or even if you have simply known someone who lived there. I am still ironing out some bugs. Thank you for your patience.