I found out that the word fulsome can have negative connotations today. I had previously thought that fulsome either meant excessive, or abundant. I was unaware of the possibility of negative connotations, and as the information was taken from the internet it was immediately suspect.

"To the Canadian Edition of the Oxford Dictionary!", I cried, and rushed to my bookshelf. Upon inspection of the hallowed contents of my reference tome, I found that it is indeed possible for fulsome to be interpreted as sarcastic in tone.

"Super", you say, "But what does this have to do with anything I care about?" Well, probably nothing. But that hasn't stopped me before, and it won't stop me now. As I was browsing, I noticed a word that I hadn't used or even heard before. Awesome! And so, ladies, gentlemen, hermaphrodites, I bring you a completely new feature on The Bringdown:

Word of the Day

fungible adjective precisely or acceptably replacing or replaceable by another item, mutually interchangeable, esp. of goods etc. contracted for, when a particular item is not specified.

Oh, you were looking for a fulsome woman? Well, not to worry sir, we're out of fulsome, but we do have some zaftig women. Oh yes sir, they're completely fungible.


I know who I am now. I'm the stranger that walks in your life, and walks away. We talk, but you never really feel like you're listening. It's easy to be with me, and it's because I have a gift. I know how to be a stranger. Not just any stranger, but one that you enjoy meeting, one that makes you smile a bit, and maybe laugh if you're easy with people who make bad jokes. Like me.

You won't have to think a lot, I'm not that kind of unknown. I'll ask the questions you know answers to; Where are you going this evening?, What do you do?, and so on. A popularly used drug may come up, such as; alcohol, coffee, marijuana, or tobacco. It may be that I am partaking of said drug, and in such an instance will offer it to you.

If you're a woman, I will compliment you. If you're a man, I will ask if you've watched the latest sporting event.

I will bare my teeth, and you will think I'm smiling.