Missed Connections from Vancouver Radiohead concert, or lolhipsters

You shoved me and stood in my line of sight w4m
Houndstooth <3 Argyle m4w
We talked about China in the mini donuts line w4w
Sung along to Faust Arp with u want 2 kaorke? m4w
Androgyne with nice bone structure m4?
same t-shirt m4w
Shared eyeroll over frat boy sing-a-long m4m
met you in coachella want to go to bumpershoot
Umbrella woes m4w
You left at nine i should have gone with you w4w
I got your number but the paper disolved m4w
the girl who was there to see the liars m4w
grey cardigan & fashdance t by the lightpole
blue mec rain jacket taking video on ipod
unshaven slovenly heavy pot smoker behind me w4m
you - war deserter in army hat, me - bush apologist --coffee? w4m
i coveted your wooden earrings m4w
cute s&p guy with sister(?) m4m
zizek book peeking out of your bag, want to smarty?
you gave birth at the back it was beautiful mw4w
we both liked them before everyone else m4w
"dry" humped on the 99 -
you had on a garbage bag with a face hole m4w
to the chick who puked on my leg
u said u dont have the internet but here goes m4w