Another fabulous day of rain in Vancouver. Fortunately I avoided a good portion of the day by viewing Episode III, Revenge of the Sith. Good times. I heartily recommend the movie to Star Wars aficionados. In other news, there's a new post by the same guy who wrote I fucked Ann Coulter in the ass, hard. Still funny, I guess. He's back in Ann Coulter's ass-saddle again. The good news here is that if enough of you email me and bitch about how lame this post is, I'll remove it. The bad news is that I won't do anything of the kind.


Good news, everyone! The Marshall family is expanding, and I have no doubt that this heralds a new world order where our superior genetic material will rule with an iron fist. Seriously. Anyone reading this who isn't directly related to the Marshall clan, prepare for subjugation.

As you can probably tell, I'm pretty excited about this. My surprise and (surprisingly) happiness gave me some good vibes. After some reflection, I think that a lot of those good vibes were based on knowing that the family genes will continue past Craig, David, and me. There has been some doubt about that ever happening, for various reasons. An intense dislike of babies and a dearth of fertile women lining up for making said babies seem to be the main ones.

So there you have it, folks. Fear the new world order.

Oh, and congratulations Dave and Michelle!