Hell is full
the dead walk the streets
You, literate junkie
listen and wrest nothing

Shut hopes of
You, emotional whore
look and wipe at dry eyes

Brass figure
from copper and zinc
You, alloyed betrayer
fall out of suspicion


I found a great little site today. Basically, you print out cards and hand them out to people who insist on talking loudly on their cellular phone in a place where we can all hear them. If I had access to a printer right now, I would print out this pdf. Amusingly enough, someone just called me on my cell phone as I finished inserting that there hyperlink.

Pleasing and agreeable in nature

I do not have anything worth posting about right now. I am sure I could make something believable up, but I do not feel like it. I did some laundry today, mostly underwear and socks. I cooked up some loneliness for dinner. I might have a job at a natural foods delicatessen. The manager is nice. I had dinner with my aunt, uncle, and cousin. They are nice. I have been walking around Kitsilano a lot. It is trendy, upscale, and nice. My house is nice. My roommates are nice. The weather is nice.
Great news everyone! I got a job at a local scotch and cigar testing facility, and Friday is free coke day!

And another one bites the dust

Pierre Berton is dead. At age eighty-four, one week ago, he was still kicking and did a celebrity tip for Rick Mercer's show. Here it is. Oh, and Happy World Aids Day everyone! No, I do not have any paper hats or noisemakers. You sick asshole.