It's too late now, jackass

As we look forward to our very own rightish wing government, I feel that a few words about this are called for. To begin with, I'd like to lambaste the non-voters. Who the hell do you think you are, 36% of Canada's eligible voters? And where were you yesterday? Flu? Out of the country? Car broke down? What I'm getting at here is that in Canada we take our government for granted. We say things like, "It won't change my life that much", or "Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos".

Well I've got news for you. It will, and I voted for Kodos too. Didn't seem to help much. Even if we had proportional representation, Kodos wouldn't have enough seats in parliament to have a real voice anyway. All I have left to cling to is the fervent hope that having a minority government will hamper the more rabid elements of the Conservative party.

Welcome to our brave new world.