Many people seem to think that they are more interesting than they are. I have heard remarked many times in my life, mostly by drunken confederates, that whatever is going on (usually some alcohol/drug-induced hilarity) should be recorded in some way. Anyone who has ever done this knows that they are not as funny as they think.

This fairly obvious insight can be applied in virtually all situations in life. I think the core of it is that X is not as great as you think. For instance, The Dave Matthews Band does not, indeed, rock as much as you think they do when you're drunk. In fact, they are derivative pap and Mr. Matthews is a one-trick vocalist.

For another example turn your gaze, if you dare, on the works of Tom Robbins. I assure you that his writing doesn't even come close to being as good as so many stoners seem to think. Reading his style feels like spooning treacle straight into the cognitive functions. Those two examples, I am sure, have completely swayed you into my cynical worldview. Ha.