It is a Patterned Hoodie, They are Popular with the Kids

I walk in shoulders up
hands in my hoodie
chin on my chest
eyes on the floor
when I'm sure no-one's looking I scan the room once for
anyone I know
Hooray! I spot a chum, hide my relief
pull one hand out of my hoodie
and lift it, from the elbow
into the air in as nonchalant a gesture as possible
at the same time I bring my chin a few degrees up on the y axis
when I have completed this manoeuvre I say
hey buddy
I like to introduce a variable into the most rigid social structure

At a Party

It was nice to see you
you look nice
What are you doing these days
you should wear that all the time
We have to exchange email addresses

Did you eat some turkey
Do you still play music
it's really smoky in here
When do you go back

How are your parents
I recommend staying with the casual thing
I was like Ah!
Back that the fuck up there buddy
and slow it down

My irises
Is everyone waiting?
that was almost good timing
this room is empty without a drum kit
all my stuff is over there