Some Days Just Suck

I've tried a few different sentences to start this post, but there's just no graceful way to initiate a story with "So there I was browsing pornography on the interent." That didn't even work. I'm now questioning my judgement in writing about this, but once more unto the breach and all that. So I happen across a threesome video and I'm thinking, Hey this looks pretty good, one of the girls there is actually attractive, not bad not bad wait a minute I know that guy! What the fuck?

That's it. One minute into it and now I'll probably never trust porno again. Basically in any pornographic material, I don't really want to see any identifying features on the dude. You know, so I can pretend it's me. The shots of the guy's face, presumably there to show that he's really having a good time here, are off-putting. This pales, absolutely fucking pales, in comparison to seeing a guy I know in said material.

Joe Matt has a fairly new graphic novel about his addiction to pornography where he dedicates a lot of pages to his editing of porn. Essentially he cuts out all the male roles except for the money shot. It's called Spent, go read it.