An Idea I Stole from Sorokin

Shoulder the great weight and carry on
perform, the key is to perform
act as if we're not carrion
moving about in restless shuffles
simulate the appearance of joy long
if done properly will seep outward
the end result being natural
a beautiful Easter egg
and the wind
pursed to the pin-prick

Safe Room

scream for me, that high-pitched
shriek of desperation the horror
of knowing certain death is upon you
scream for me
help is a fingertip away, reach out
someone will pick you up
if they can at least they probably
have problems of their own
surrounded, in lockstep with terror
the intent is there there is so much
so much to be afraid of the finality
of being left behind discretion larding
itself all over valour as you are
all over again you rise up in the next room